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Toon Doo Project

Site: www.toondoo.com

If you are having trouble with ToonDoo, use this site: http://www.storyboardthat.com
  • This site functions nearly the same as the ToonDoo site, but with slightly different options and fewer props.
  • If you use this site, please do NOT save your toon; otherwise, you will be limited to two comic strips a week (unless you pay to upgrade). Instead, simply take a screenshot when you are finished with your toon and then click "clear all" to start a new toon.
    • FYI - you also only have 15 minutes to make your toon before a screen will pop up prompting you to save.

Another option is to use Pixton: http://www.pixton.com

  • This is a bare bones site that functions just like ToonDoo and StoryBoardThat. The free version of the site does not allow you to incorporate props into your scene; however, it has several characters and background scenes to choose from.

If you are having trouble with BitStrips, use this site: http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/
  • It does not have as many options as the ToonDoo site and is not nearly as colorful, but it still functions the same nonetheless.
  • You also do not have the ability to save using this site, so remember to take a screen shot of your toon when you finish.

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